Erin Jackson, Realtor


Rainbow Row Properties with Keller Williams

496 Bramson Ct Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Growing up in South Carolina, I have always been passionate about the area and the natural tranquility that graces the state. Charleston has been a siren to me and summoned me to the College of Charleston once I graduated high school. At the College, I found that I had a passion for hospitality and graduated in 2008 with degrees in hospitality and tourism and business administration. I've enjoyed exploring different career venues until I crossed paths with real estate. Not only is real estate a way to provide a quality service, but a life changing experience for my clients. I then realized this career was more than just a vacation to a beautiful city, it's a life change. I am able to help a dream become actuality. From this realization, my goal developed: To help provide quality and build insight for my clients and the community to enrich the Charleston and surrounding areas. I offer my services and insight as a real estate agent to create sauvy clients make the best choices for the home ownership needs. I'm very passionate about helping people and providing service throughout the selling and/or buying process.